Care Rituals

A new  experience of treatment, the encounter between thalassotherapy know-how and the cornucopia of nature originating in far away places-beyond the seas and oceans.

Orient: The Detoxifying Itinerary                                                                             €120.00 - 120mins

With warm gestures, the ritual allows the body to rid itself of toxins, the skin becomes beautiful. The body is restored to a feeling of well-being as in the Oriental tradition of purification. Start with an exfoliating purifying cream continue with a detoxifying body wrap and finish with a body massage by using the precious body modeling oil.

Atlantic: Revitalizing Dive                                                                                           €120.00 - 120mins

The ritual is composed of a new gesture, of ingredients used to recharge the organism with mineral. The sea of the Atlantic Coast and its nutrients are interpreted in amazing and sensory formulas. Begin with a remineralizing exfoliation followed by the remineralizing body wrap powder and end with a full body massage with modeling cream.

Asia: The Soothing Escape                                                                                           €120.00 - 120mins

One imagines Asia as a land full of beauty and serenity. This ritual is created a real well-being feeling, thanks to the comforting textures, which turn in contact with skin or water. The gentle, slow gestures are an invitation to enjoy some rare and precious moments. Start with an enzymatic peeling  continue with a choice of a foamy body wrap cream or unctuous bath wax and finish with an exquisite modeling oil body massage.

Polynesia: Relaxing Journey                                                                                       €120.00 - 120mins

This ritual is a caress offering total pleasure which guides us towards a world free of stress and agitation. Relaxed, the body is savouring a pure relaxing moment, in an atmosphere of the tiare flower and coconut. Begin your journey with a delightful exfoliating gel continues with a body wrap wax followed by a full body massage by using modeling gel and finish with a nourishing pearly body cream.

Amazon: Energizing Escape                                                                                         €120.00 - 120mins

Thoughts of a humid atmosphere, of luxuriant and wild vegetation. This mysterious ritual speaks of warmth and life: Invigorating, it is perfect to give new energy of a new departure and to feel happy in itself. Start your treatment with a toning body scrub followed by a self-heating energizing body wrap and finish with a body massage by using the modeling fluid.

Anti-Jet lag Illuminating Facial                                                                                  €55.00 – 45mins

The sensory ritual for a healthy glow. Focus on sensations and not technical aspect to offer universal care on all skin types & unisex. Immediate anti-fatigue effect, ideally after a long trip.