Aromatherapy massage   70min   €75

Relaxing full body massage with essential oils of your choice.

Hot Stone Massage   65min   €70

The stones are applied to the body with specialized massage movements to release the muscle tension while soothing and balancing the mind body and soul.

Into the Deep Massage   50min   €65

Strong, deep and intensive massage techniques relieve tightness and tension from the muscles.

Pregnancy Massage    60min   €55

Ideal from three months onwards.This treatment is adopted by the therapist to suit you and your pregnancy. Includes a refreshing aromatic footbath, feet aromatic scrub, hot towels and a soothing full body massage.

Relaxing massage  55min   €50

This light to medium pressure full body massage relaxes your entire body.

India Head Massage  35min   €40

Head, face, neck and shoulder massage.

Reflexology  40min   €40

Is an ancient natural therapy that concentrates on the sole of the feet.

Your Personal Preference   25min   €30

Back, neck and shoulders OR Back and Back of Legs OR Just Legs.