Face Care

Indulge your skin with facials that offer optimum results, along with relaxation and calmness.

Absolute Hydration 50 min €50

Ideal for a dehydrated skin. The skins softness is restored, the complexion brightened and fully moisturised.

Intense Nutrition 50 min €50

A nourishing treatment which enriches the driest of skins. The skin is plumped up restoring its softness, suppleness and vitality.

Infinately Gentle 50 min €50

Specially designed to treat sensitive skin, this gentle facial calms, cools irritated skin and tones down redness.

Ultimate Purity 50 min €50

Is a rebalancing treatment, ideal for combination to oily skin. Vital for dull complexions, the skin appears brighter, matt and fresh.

Hydralift 60 min €60

A dual action treatment for intensive moisture and for delaying the early signs of ageing. The skins appearance is refined and the complexion appears smoother, more supple and moisturised.

Oxygen Expert 75 min €65

Revive your skin with a boost of minerals, trace elements and vitamins for stressed, dull complexions. The skin’s appearance is renewed, refreshed and protected from external factors. It leaves skin looking fresh, healthy & glowing.

Anti-Ageing Expert 75 min €65

A specially designed treatment that aids in reducing the signs of time and fatigue. Restore a more youthful appearance thus effectively firming and contouring your facial features. Your skin is left looking and feeling bright.

Absolute Lift 60 min €65

An intensive anti ageing solution to improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Our amazing Beauty Lift Mask effectively firms and contours your facial features, reducing the signs of ageing and fatigue. Your skin is left looking and feeling tighter, revitalized and youthful.

Mini Cleanse 30 min €35

Our specially designed mini facial will leave your skin feeling radiant and alive. The perfect treatment for a quick pick me up.

Pore Cleanser 75 min €60

Ideal for oily, acne prone skin, or as a preparation to any of the face care therapies. Thorough steaming, deep cleansing, facial extraction and a specific skin type mask and moisturizer, leave your skin fresh and healthy.

Eye Beauty

Let Us Take Your Eyes On A Journey Back In Time
To Renew & Rejuvenate

Eye Lift 30 min €30

A soothing treatment to revitalize the delicate area around the eyes. With a blend of moisturizing ingredients to refresh, relax, firm and soothe the eye area.

Eye Smoothing 30 min €30
This replenishing treatment awakens the eye area, leaving the eyes brighter and more youthful. Helps to eliminate dark circles and puffiness giving the eyes a brighter sparkle, glint and shine.

For Men

Perfectly Groomed
Groomed, Good Looking & Gorgeous With Healthy Skin

Oxygen Booster Facial 60m €60

Men’s skin has its own special needs so we have designed a completely relaxing and rejuvenating facial just for him combining results and relaxation to replenish, tone and firm the skin. A scalp, face and shoulder massage will relax, energize and revitalize the skin.

Men’s MAN-I-Cure 30m €25

For the active male, a complete manicure with exfoliation, paying close attention to your cuticle and nail-bed. A stress relieving massage and a nail buff to complete your treat.

Body Care

Pamper yourself with body refining& contouring treatments

Lasting Softness 30m €35

Beautify your skin with a delectable body exfoliation using mineral salts with essential oils and finish with a light layer of moisturizer which will coat the skin with long lasting softness and suppleness.

Marine Slimming 60m €60

The body is generously exfoliated and covered in a seaweed mask, drawing out its mineral rich concentration and powerful action to aid slimming. Minerals and trace elements boost the body’s metabolism, resulting in a slimmer feeling.

Triple Action Slimming 60m €60

A body exfoliation followed by a cocktail of seaweed body mask, each with its own unique benefits. With slimming, detoxifying and firming actions, this treatment is a complete slimming solution. A revitalising sea immersion for optimum relaxation with results.

Marine and Chocolate Contours 60m €60

An indulgent guilt free chocolate experience that’s not only tantalizing but aids in contouring the figure and boosts metabolism. Starting with a chocolate exfoliation, a divine detoxifying chocolate mud mask and finishing off this delightful experience with a revitalizing nourishing chocolate body lotion.

Slimming And Serenity Prestige 90m €85

A luxury treatment combining a cocktail of seaweed body wrap with a soothing full body massage. The slimming, detoxifying and firming virtues of seaweed added to a relaxing massage ease away tension and stress for total relaxation and a refined toned silhouette.

Floatation Voyage 30m €25

Float away with our unique mind and body experience. Relax and escape on a dry floatation bed with an enveloping warmth and weightlessness which soothes the body and mind. As you drift off with a divine scalp massage, colours and aromas stimulate and calm your senses.

Mediterranean Sea Voyage Spa Signature Ritual

Inspired by the Mediterranean fruit growing on the shores of Cyprus, you will begin with an invigorating Fruity Exfoliation, followed by a pampering creamy Fruit Envelopment. While your skin is being softened and smoothed relax and enjoy a multi-sensorial voyage on our floating bed. Last but not least a divine scalp massage will revive your mind, body and spirit.

Specific Body Care

Target Your Body’s Concerns

Toned Legs 30 min €25

Suffering from tired aching heavy legs, this toning treatment offers an instant relief. Legs feel lightweight and are immersed in a feeling of lasting freshness and a pleasurable lightness.

Body Drainage 45 min €50

Improve and combat circulation problems in the legs with the benefits of the sea combined with manual drainage actions for fluid retention. Help eliminate toxins and cellulite thereby refining the silhouette.

Strech Mark Action 45 min €55

An inclusive preventative and redefining treatment for restoring and restructuring the skins elasticity with specialized techniques and active ingredients. Designed to minimise the appearance of stretch marks.

Cellu’Contour 60 min €65

An intensive anti-cellulite treatment with active ingredients exceptionally rich in marine and vegetable extracts. With the use of innovative sculting techniques the body contours are visibly redifined.

Back Relief 45 min €40

Relieve aches and pains with a warm soothing back, neck & shoulder therapy. A soothing exfoliation prepares the skin, a self heating seaweed mask to relax the muscles, and finish off with a soothing gentle back massage.

Soothe Away 60 min €55

Warm up and soothe painful muscles & joints throughout the body. A soothing exfoliation to prepare the skin, relieve aches and pains with a self heating seaweed applied to specific points throughout the body and finish off with a soothing cream application.

Journeys of Relaxation

Let Yourself Simply Slip Away Into A World Of Complete Relaxation & Delight

Arabian Nights Rasul Ritual 45 min €40

This sumptuous ritual begins when you self apply our detoxifying mineral mud. As you daze at the stars and relax, scent infused steam gently fills the chamber drawing out the toxins from the body. After, a warm tropical rain pours down from the dome and as the mud is gently washed away, so is every last drop of tension in your soul. *enjoy this treatment as a couple 45min €70.00

Arabian Cleansing Ritual 60 min €55

Your ritual begins by relaxing in a Rasul steam chamber, to cleanse your skin and remove toxins, preparing it for the cleansing scrub that follows. As you unwind on a warm Hammam bed gentle massage strokes with a dry loofah and scrubbing with your choice of one of our Mineral Body peelings and for the final touch an application of moisturizing cream. Skin is left feeling soft and glowing.

Arabian Jewel Ritual 90 min €85

A luxurious relaxing cleansing body ritual, begin by relaxing in the rasul steam chamber to cleanse and prepare the skin for the scrub that follows. As you unwind on a warm hammam bed gentle massage strokes with a dry loofah exfoliate the skin. Complete the ritual with a luxuriant unique olive oil soap full body and scalp massage. You left feeling warm, relaxed and glowing.

Hammam Steambath 30 min €20

Discover the relaxing & healing effects of the Hammam Steam Room. Essential oils are infused in the air as steam is absorbed in your pores, releasing built up stress and toxins leaving you feeling cleansed & balanced. *enjoy this treatment as a couple 30 min €35.00

Secluded Tranquility Suite 30 min €15

Enhance your journey of relaxation by adding some private time to relax surrounded by soothing candlelight and calming music. Enjoy a fruit or cheese platter and sparking water.

Hydro Bath

Pure Bathe Bliss
Let yourself simply slip away into a world of complete Relaxation & Delight

Slimming Bath 30 min €25

Relax and enjoy the soothing & moisturizing effects of this creamy seaweed and sea water bath which reproduces the benefits of a rejuvenating soak in the sea. Rich in seaweed which is abundant in minerals it replenishes, renews the bodies energies and aids in slimming leaving your skin as soft as silk.

Aromatherapy Crystal Bath 30 min €25

Feel your stress and tension melt away as you lay back in a bath with natural mineral crystals enriched with pure essential oils. Choose from calming lavender, refreshing mandarin or sensual ylang-ylang. The essential oils help to stimulate circulation, soothe muscles and nourish the skin.

A Dip in the Ocean 30 min €25

Immerse yourself in an ocean of mineral bath salts from the dead sea. Rich with seaweed extracts which will relax the body and soothe the mind as well as softening and revitalising the skin. For an ultimate bathing experience choose from revitalising apricot, purifying citrus blossom or calming lavender.

Deluxe Underwater Massage Bath 30 min €30

Relax and unwind with a therapeutic hydrotherapy bath. An underwater hand held hose gently massages your body to help cleanse and improve your immune system, relieve stress and tension and soothe the body of aches and pains. Feel the warm water massage every inch of your body, while natural extracts condition your skin, mind and soul.

Serenity Bathing Ritual 75 min €65

For the ultimate indulgence, our bathing ritual begins with a luxurious soak in a hydrotherapy bath infused with natural mineral bath crystals and essential oils. After your mesmerising soak a full body relaxing massage follows easing out all the stress and tensions as you lay back and calm your senses.


Relax & Escape
Take a Deep breath, lay back, relax & escape…

Tide of Relaxation 55 min €50

Feel a tide of relaxation as floating movements on the body seem like ocean tides gently sweeping the shoreline. Aromatic oils caress your skin, while this light to medium pressure massage relaxes your entire body.

Into the Deep 45 min €45

A highly beneficial massage for muscular pain and stiffness. By means of the healing power of touch, slow and deep massage techniques relieve tightness and tension from the muscles.

Your Personal Preference 25 min €30

Focusing on the areas of the body that you feel you need more relaxation or tension relief . Choose from relaxing or deep massage: Back, neck & shoulders, or Back & Back of Legs, or Just Legs.

Pearl of India Head Massage 35 min €40

Inspired by the Indian Head Massage this pearl of a treatment will embrace your mind & spirit. Aromatic oils used with a relaxing stress relieving head, neck &shoulder massage, aid in restoring vital strength and energy to the body whilst helping to balance inner and outer harmony.

Ancient Healing A Journey into Reflexology 45 min €40

Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy which relates to the ‘reflex’ points that are found in the foot. These points correspond to areas of the body and by working these reflex points you promote health and wellbeing and intense relaxation. The body is more balanced, grounded and a sense of inner piece prevails.

Pacific Ocean Volcanic Stone Massage 75 min €65

Reap the benefits of the power of the volcanic fire with the energy from the oceans waves. Applied to the body with specialized massage movements and essential oils the stones release a ring of warm energy onto the body, deeply relaxing muscle tension while soothing and balancing the mind body and soul.

Eastern Sea Tides Thai Massage 75 min €65

Embark on an exotic journey to the Far East and experience a truly exceptional treatment. Your body is maneuvered in a series of yoga like stretches improving your flexibility & increasing your energy.

Aphrodite Awakens 75 min €80

A full body renewing experience. A four hand journey of pure indulgence & tranquillity with two therapists simultaneously performing a massage that flows over the body like a wave of serenity.

Double Delight

Quality Time Together Get away, Relax & Unwind in Harmony

Couple’s Escape 55 min €90

A great opportunity for lovers, friends, mothers & daughters, fathers & sons, who would like to experience the nurturing and complete relaxation of a massage. As you lay side by side surrounded by soothing candlelight and calming music, two masseurs will treat you and your massage partner to a delightful, soothing experience.

Arabian Nights Rasul Ritual for Couples 45 min €70

This sumptuous ritual begins when you self apply our detoxifying mineral mud. As you daze at the stars and relax, scent infused steam gently fills the chamber drawing out the toxins from the body. After, a warm tropical rain pours down from the dome and as the mud is gently washed away, so is every last drop of tension in your soul.

Enhance your treatments

■ Secluded Tranquillity Suite 30 min €15

■ Tantalise your palate with Champagne & Chocolate from €30

Pregnant Bliss

Nurturing Treatments … for Treasured Moments in Life…

Sole Delight Foot Soak 15min €10

Begin any of your treatments with a luxurious treat for the feet. Tantalizing soothing river rock feet soak aromatic scrub and hot towels.

Nurturing Massage for the Mother-To-Be 30min €30

Specialized for your comfort and care to help relieve tension in your lower and upper back and/or alleviate any swelling in the hands and feet.

Blissful Beginnings 45min €45

Ideal from three months onwards, this treatment is adopted by the therapist to suit you and your pregnancy. A relaxing back massage, then the face is cleansed and rebalanced with a soothing massage extended to the neck, shoulders and scalp. To complete the treatment, a massage is given to the lower legs, feet, arms and hands which restores a feeling of lightless and comfort.

Just a Touch of Glamour

Give Your Nails the Ultimate Treat!
Indulge Yourself

Hand Heaven 30 min €20

An essential hand treatment to strengthen the nails and condition your skin. Put back all the moisture for silky, nourished and beautiful hands.

Mermaid Manicure 30 min €25

Your basic essentials, shaping of the nails, cuticle work a wonderful relaxing hand massage and a glamorous classic polish to finish.

Mermaid Dreams 45 min €35

Indulge yourself in our dream of a treatment. Begin with a warm aromatic mineral soak, followed by a natural hand peeling to soften the hands. Nails and cuticles are pampered and cared for, a luxurious hand mask is applied and as you relax your hands and arms are massaged. For the ultimate indulgence a glamorous classic polish to finish.

Velvet Feet 30 min €20

An absolute treat for your feet, exfoliation, aromatic foot soak and relaxing massage. Soothe, nourish and pamper your feet.

Footprints in the Sand 30 min €20

A pampering foot delight, indulge in a refreshing aromatic footbath. Relax as your feet are buffed with a natural Scrub which smoothes the soles of your feet followed by a conditioning foot mask that grants you a feeling of renewed freshness. Tired and aching feet are massaged and a glamorous classic polish to finish.

File & Classic Polish 15min €15.00

File & French Polish 30min €20.00

French Polish 15 min €5.00 (instead of Classic)

Gel or Acrylic Nails

Applied on natural nails €45.00

Infill €25.00

Nail Repairs or a Touch of Bling €3.00 per nail

Sparkle & Shine

Discover Your True Beauty Within

Evening Make-Up €20.00 – €40.00

For a natural, elegant or sophisticated look.

Bridal Make-Up 2x30min €60.00

Expertly applied make-up for your special day, a natural, sophisticated or radiant look to enhance your features and natural beauty, including trial.

Eyebrow Shaping 15min €15.00

Beautifully shaped eyebrows enhance your features and frame your face.

Eyebrow Tinting 15min €10.00

For a natural defined eyebrow, great for sparse, blond and fading brows.

Eyebrow Makeover 30min €20.00

Brows are shaped and tinted to highlight your facial features.

Eyelash Tinting 15min €15.00

A wonderful way of showing off those beautiful eyes. * Tints require a patch test 24hrs prior to application

Silky Smooth/ Hair Removal

Take a Deep Breath, Lay Back Relax & Escape

Full Leg, Bikini Line, Underarm & Upper Lip 60 min €45

Full leg & Bikini Wax 40 min €35

Full Leg Wax 30 min €25

Half Leg or Arm Wax 15 min €15

Full Bikini Wax 15 min €20

Bikini Line or Under Arm Wax 10 min €10

Back or Abdomen Wax 10 min €10

Upper Lip or Chin Wax 10 min €7